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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Zhongan home chain (Beijing Zhongan Hotel) (Zhong'an Home Chain Hotel Beijing), L'hotel è adiacente a Chang'an Street nel nord, Jianguoman CBD nell'est, Ming Dynasty Wall Heritage Park nel sud, linee della metropolitana 1 e 2 corrono attraverso, dozzine di linee di autobus si riuniscono, ed è conveniente raggiungere Tian'anmen Square, Wangfujing distretto d'affari, luoghi Tienan scenic e siti storici, General Administration of dogana, Accademia cinese di scienze sociali, Tongren Hospital, Xiehe altre istituzioni.L'hotel offre servizio navetta alla stazione di Pechino e alla stazione degli autobus dell'aeroporto (per dettagli, consultare il mercante).
Zhongan home chain (Beijing Zhongan Hotel) (Zhong'an Home Chain Hotel Beijing) è un negozio dimostrativo di casa di Zhongan, un marchio di catena hotel di organi dello Stato centrale.Allo stesso tempo, è l'ex residenza di Edgar Snow e sua moglie quando vivevano a Pechino negli anni Trenta. È un partner della China International Friendship Research Association e Snow Memorial Foundation degli Stati Uniti. È un boutique culturale hotel.
L'hotel ha molti tipi di camere, tutte coperte WiFi; l'elegante colazione a buffet cinese e occidentale e la cena a gusto speciale sono forniti nel cinese un ristorante; la sala conferenze alla moda e moderna permette di godere la convenienza di affari.E'sicuro, confortevole, caldo e squisitoCortile tranquillo nel rumore.
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Recensioni Ancora
  • tianbisifa
    Feeling OK
  • cloudwenyu
    Accommodation very good, very strong humanistic environment (author of snow's red star over China's former residence), the service was very good, food environment also satisfied. one thing needs improvement is the room the bathroom is set to cut off would be nice.
  • levany
    Hotel is near the Beijing railway station, very convenient to Beijing once lived here
  • ft2265751
    In addition to from the train station very close to nothing
  • martinyen
    Good, clean, good looking, there will be the noise of the train.
  • yuan97140401
    Is good of place, the home to has several city, this hotel is live have compared satisfaction of of a a. noon check out Hou also can free luggage left-, we is night of aircraft, here away from airport bus only walk five minutes of away, very convenient, is equal to more out has half play of time. small hospital is unlikely to but is elegant. waiter also is enthusiasm, dang I need vacuum cleaner compression luggage bags Shi, can active help. next to Beijing also will live here.
  • maxoxygen
  • deyuan_2008
    Location is near from the station, room is cleaned once a day, didn't feel noisy. hot water can also be, for 24 hours. unique is the location of the point, and overall satisfaction.
  • e01250070
    Each trip to Kyoto where cost-effective and convenient. atrium yard very chic, people can go to relax, morning accompanied by soothing music ... home away from home feeling.
  • jassie0903
    Well, is the room a little too small
  • cjlin363
    Close enough, good enough, no elevator, the price is no advantage
  • freyja
    Traffic is very convenient, Beijing Jian Guo men subway station or far away.
  • teresayyy
    Which is very nice
  • crystal_wsj
    Others do not want to say most would say is the hotel's breakfast too poor and too bad looking to improve
  • nafa9651
    Yu, cultural atmosphere, next time.
  • pingju
    Returned from abroad at a time stopping in Beijing lived here, environment, location very good, convenient, reasonable price, next to it.
  • E02378116
    Bedding should have changed, it's not dirty, too old. yard well, snow, old home history! service, facilities in the old
    Health is OK, not very quiet at night, the surrounding is full of small restaurants, overall, house prices are somewhat high
  • cici sugar
    Hotel room was small
  • e00054529
    Choose each time the Beijing Hotel, rooms are small, but clean and away from Beijing railway station is very close, but in the alley, to need navigation for the first time.
  • doudoubee
    Location a little bit, but the environment can also
  • e00040693
    I and Mr sent children to airport, zhiqian I repeatedly compared distance Beijing station and airport bus recently of hotel, last select has price highest of Angolan of home, facts proved I of select is right of. hotel is find, from railway station out station mouth right turned, from flyover Xia go past, first a lamp gang right turned go several minutes saw station Qian police station, right turned that is. Angolan fa?ade is unlikely to but inside journey into amazing caves, many visitors has upload backyard of swing photos has I on not as has, hotelNo elevator I booked a family room on the first floor, room is quiet spacious health, a family of three accommodation is very convenient with furniture; desk Cabinet cupboard, toilet, bathtub inside. Wi-Fi signal very well. staff are excellent and polite. Notes on various way at the front desk, my husband took a route note go to Quan ju de. If fault is the first floor Windows are sealed, no access to sunlight, which can be ignored, IOf particular satisfaction to the hotel where Beijing station all the way to the ground and dragged the boxes until the arrival, without a flyover on the steps on! you know our luggage is too heavy, this hotel location is particularly suitable for use by airport bus, it's very near! highly recommend!
  • a210042
    Super near from Beijing station, 10 minute walk into the waiting room, location is good, the window is to train, hotel soundproofed Windows are great, basically can not hear the noise of the train, yard furnishings seemingly casual but very tasty.
  • sallyxy
    Change at the Beijing railway station, the train early in the morning. from the railway station, good location, in the alley, find. is the room too small, small nice hotel. as well as foreign tourists.
  • leonardgui
    Hotel from Beijing railway station is near, out station Hou along right road straight go to first a traffic lights at right turn, along big wool alley has been has to head right turn that is. hotel has rich of culture breath, such of tips Board really of let people think is intimate, only insufficient of is breakfast has, mention has views zhihou only see somewhat meat of food, hehe! general feel also good, next also will consider staying.
  • craig233
    Good, very good, is the toilet useless doors
  • landalele
    Reserved for families, they say well, also very convenient travel. praise.
  • adam9
    Near the train station is convenient in Nice
  • angelluo629
    From the train station near
  • JJsama
  • dondon_119
    Clean, neat. is outside our room it's always a train passes.
  • ey316
    A bit hard to find, more depressing rooms no lift, but the location is nice
  • angelalcc
    Reserved for colleagues, she said.
  • jingtao017
    Nice hotel, very close to the Beijing railway station
  • juvenwm
    All right
  • feijia
    Hotel place is hard to find, in the Hutong of Beijing railway station East armour factory. service is very good, room facilities and very clean.
  • olega
    Accommodation cheap, convenient location.
  • del77
    Not very good
  • FatLion
    New year spent some time really well if you have one and are definitely worth staying at the hotel
  • tangdagou
    I think this hotel is very good, I think this hotel is very good ~ I think this hotel is very good ~ I think this hotel is very good, I think this hotel is very good ~
  • dujiyi
    This snatching gold in Beijing where this price this is a good hotel, facilities are old, but health is still relatively clean, convenient to the railway station!
  • Profes
    In Beijing these days is the satisfaction of a relatively complete reception kind and thoughtful hotel amenities are a satisfactory stay
  • cf96168
    Economic-type Hotel Nice convenient service good
  • forestpeng
    Clean room environment, there is a chic little Park, near from the railway station, easy to train, but faces the train somewhere noisy.
  • admonw
    Others are good, is the in-room wireless speed is too slow, television is not very clear, charge not so much.
  • adolf0517
    Give people the feeling that has a very cultural atmosphere of the hotel is very kind around the train station this hotel is a rare
  • miya831
    Good trip home, trustworthy, next time I come to Beijing which is preferred
  • Ammyya
    Great convenience
  • junjulie
    Beijing railway station near this price can have the condition if you can!
  • wsltbaobao
    Good speed so quickly!